New Colors from Rainbow Gallery

Rainbow Gallery just introduced some new shades in their Neon Rays and Neon Rays +. 

Here is Old Gold and Chartreuse in Neon Rays rayon ribbon for needlepoint, cross stitch, and embroidery.

Neon Rays + in Merlot, Rose, Old Gold, Pale Beige, Chartreuse, Forest Green, and Indigo Blue.

In addition to the brand new Rainbow Gallery colors, I decided to expand French Knot’s selection of Treasure Braid Petite.  This thin fiber is excellent for fine detail work or to add as a blending filament to lend a little bling to any thread.  Just pass Treasure Braid Petite with a thread of your choice through your needle at the same time.

Treasure Braid Petite in Brass, Autumn Orange, Dark Peony, Red and Dark Red

Treasure Braid Petite in Lite Avocado, Avocado, Green, Water Blue, Sky Blue and Ice


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