Stitch of the Month Project #1

As a new addition to the blog, I will be working on a project and sharing every step and stitch with you.  Well… maybe not every stitch, but every type of stitch.  You are welcome to follow along, or incorporate the stitches and ideas into your own work. 

Now for our first project… Needlepoint of Back Bay’s adorable fox.

Here are the threads you will need to complete this project:

Silk & Ivory:  177 – Raisin, 63 – Paprika, 203 – Giraffe, 21 – Terra Cotta, 26 – Mudstone, 02 – White

Vineyard Silk: C142 – Thyme, C064 – Daiquiri, C133 – Iceberg, C141 – Sage, C096 – Twilight, C095 – Cerulean

Watercolors: 228 – Honeydew (You’ll probably need at least 2, maybe 3 skeins of this one)

Wisper: W89 – Ecru, W77 – Russet, W69 – Mahogony, W116 – Fox Red

Fyre Werks: FT50 – Old Brass

Petite Very Velvet (Very Velvet will work too because the canvas is actually on 13 mesh): V601 – Black, V602 – White

Neon Rays: N114 – Light Sea Foam, N88 – Light Jade, N31 – Forest Green, N84 – Olive, N99 – Deep Violet, N127 – Violet, N111 – Light Antique Rose, N108 – Yellow Orange, N83 – Tangerine

Let me know if you’d like to order any of the supplies to stitch along with me. 912.349.6450

Stitching will begin at the beginning of October.  Stay tuned…


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