Fox Face

So our little fox is coming along.  To stitch his face, I first stitched his eyes with the velvet and golden Neon Rays colors.  I also added a little bit of Fyre Werks Soft Sheen in Black to make his pupils pop.  To do this I used a simple tent stitch.

Tent stitching is so easy.  Simply start in the lower right corner of the section and follow the sequence illustrated above.  When you get to the end of the row, turn the canvas upside down (so you’re still looking at the design, not the back) and follow the ABCs.  For the eyes, a did the stitch in the opposite direction on his left eye.  This gives the eye a more natural look and less pixellated.  When doing a variety of stitches, this is a great way to go.  His nose was done the traditional way.


To make his eyes look more realistic, I went with the rayon and metallic threads for the iris and pupil.  These shiny threads provide a great contrast against the matte finish of the velvet.

Now onto his fur.  For the rest of his face and his body, I’ll be using one strand of Wisper with one strand of Silk & Ivory through the needle at the same time.

The Silk & Ivory will provide the necessary coverage, and the Wisper will give the fox a realistic furry appearance.  This next stitch is a very free stitch.  It doesn’t have any rules or counting.  Simply randomly stitch long and short stitches in many different angles.  As the stitches overlap, they will cover your canvas.

Given the free nature of the stitch, I find it helpful to use a photograph to help determine direction in your piece.  Here’s an adorable red fox pup to provide inspiration, direction and a little awwwww, he’s so cute.

I started with our lightest shade of orangy-red, Terra Cotta with one strand of Fox Red Wisper (which we’re going to use a lot of, so far one card just on his face).

Continue layering in the stitches and switching to the darker colors as needed.  Be sure to overlap the thread colors to avoid a line of demarkation.

The next images continue to show more and more of the face filling in.  For the white in his ears, I used white Silk & Ivory and ecru Wisper.

I find it easiest to do the shading first, especially when it’s spaced out.  This puts it under the main color, and helps avoid a dirty look to his face.

Getting close…

Ta da!  Resist the urge to brush out his fur with your nap brush until the canvas is completely stitched.

Congratulations on completing his face.  Next month we’ll tackle the rest of his body using more of the short and long stitch.  If you’re enjoying this stitch, keep going.  I’ll post my progress in a few weeks.


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