Easy and Inexpensive Holiday Ornaments

Another fun project for the holidays.  Needlepoint ornaments are beautiful, but they don’t have to be expensive.  These little guys can be created, start to finish for as little as $20.00!

You’ll need ornament frames (easily found a department or big box store), needlepoint canvas (preferably size 18), thread (go to your stash, I know you have one).

Step 1: Much like the Framed Joy Project, pick a word.  I chose joy, again.  You can never have too much joy. 

Step 2: Measure and trace the opening of your ornaments.  Then draw your letters in the space provided.  Use a computer for a great font if you like, or make it extra personal by using your own handwriting.

Step 3: Stitch!  Use all the stitches, colors, and techniques you’d like.  This is your chance for lots of creativity and experimentation.

Step 4: Double check that none of the blank canvas shows at the edges when you put your ornament frame over the needlepoint.  Fill in as needed.  Carefully cut out your canvas and mount in the ornament frames.  You may need to remove the glass to allow for the extra space your stitches take up.  You can lightly glue the edges to the inside of the frame as needed.

That’s it.  Go hang your ornaments.  Wouldn’t little 12 Days of Christmas numbers be adorable?  Maybe next year…

Photo by Jade McCully.


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