Meet Ruth Schmuff

Happy New Year!  I’m pleased to annouce French Knot will be kicking off 2011 with a trunk show of the whimsical work of Ruth Schmuff.  All of her canvases will be 10% during the show.

Here’s Ruth bio from her website.  Feel free to check out her designs before coming into the show.

“It seems so important to me to explain where I come from, and how and why I do what I do. So, I’ve written this short personal history for my friends and colleagues. Now you’ll hopefully get a snapshot of the person behind the designs. 

ruthI have been stitching and crafting as long as I can remember. It’s just what I do. I was never one to just sit still and watch tv, I always had to be doing something else. My mom would crochet and is now an avid needlepointer. She gets to stitch more than I do! Her mom also crocheted. Remember all those teeny tiny handkerchief edges and wonderful lacey tablecloths and doilies? Well, that’s what she did. And then there was my Aunt Elsie, she stitched all the time and I do mean, all the time. She did crewel work, kit after kit after kit. Many she stitched several times (I wish I had one of those now, but I was just a kid). She stitched so many pieces that the walls in her house were covered top to bottom with her stitching.

I took my first formal Needlepoint class when I was in 6th grade. Okay, other kids play outside, I stitch.

I went on to college, attained a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts. I even painted and exhibited my own abstract watercolors for a while. Maybe one day those paintings will be recreated in needlepoint.

In 1990, Kreinik Manufacturing moved their corporate offices to Owings Mills, Maryland and I became their Design Coordinator. This was a great opportunity for me to learn about thread and the industry and to meet many talented designers.

In 1994, I left Kreinik to pursue a new vision. I wasn’t sure what would happen, but it certainly has been an adventure. I began freelancing as a Graphic Artist and that soon turned into my own design and marketing firm, Plum Creative Associates, LLC. It’s a wonderful business and I work with many great people. I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

But being a true Gemini and having more than a little A.D.D., I wanted more. I was still stitching and had been designing counted canvaswork. I sold designs to many needlework magazines. I also published my own chartpaks, plus those of several other friends, to sell to shops nationwide. The industry goes through many cycles and Counted Canvaswork (while beautiful and so much fun to design and stitch!) just wasn’t a cost effective business. I needed to regroup if I was going to stay in the industry.

So, in 2003 my dream came true of being able to start a hand painted needlepoint design business! Needlepoint is my first love. I love the painted canvases and bringing them to life with stitches and threads. I work a little differently than many artists in the industry. I do not actually paint the canvases myself. I am the Creative Director. I come up with concepts and then work with very talented illustrators to bring them to life. So what you ultimately see is my vision translated through their hands. All of our illustrations are then charted for needlepoint and stitchpainted – giving you the highest quality and easiest canvases to stitch. There’s no guess work for color or stitch placement with these designs!

I still get to stitch many of my designs and develop stitch guides for them so that stitchers can follow me or create their own art. My goal is to create art that appeals to all ages… but especially to the thirty and fortysomethings. We need to keep the art alive and exciting – It’s not your Grandmother’s Needlepoint!”


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