Meet Marie Barber

Marie is newer to the trunk show world than our other vets, but her canvases are gorgeous, I had to get them in the store.  Her work will be featured in February.  I am in love with this floral and parrot piece, but it is hard to choose which is the prettiest.  You’ll have to visit her website for more of her work. 

Here’s some more info on Marie:

Marie Barber, Artist

She grew up in Kristianstad, Sweden.  As a teenager, she studied fine art under the late Dr. Goran Tronnberg.  In 1989, she received an associate degree in visual art from The Art Institute of Atlanta.  While in attendance at The Art Institute, she complete and internship with Don Trousdell Design in Atlanta.


Her designs and illustrations have appeared regularly in publications which include Just Cross Stitch, Paula Dean, Tea Time, Southern Lady and Victoria magazines.  She has completed seven books published bu Chapelle Ltd, Utah and Sterling New York, as well as numerous leaflets published by Hoffman Media, which included design conversations for Disney.  Recently, she was commissioned by Count Albert van Oldenburg to recreate sections of the Sistine Chapel on the ceiling of his home in Eastaboga, Alabama.  The painted encompassed 64 feet and took one month to complete.

In 2009, she became ambassador for Rescue Life, a division of Life Outreach International.  She continues to support efforts to end human trafficking throughout the world through fund-raising activities made available to ministries in the United States.

An absolute love of needlepoint and desire to develop a truly unique collection led to forming her own company, Colors of Praise.  She lives on the Coosa River near Ragland, Alabama with her husband, Kinsman and four children: Malin, Peyton, Daniel, and Magdelena.




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