Needlepoint Baby Mobile

Some of the best needlepoint canvases are the small ones.  They work up quickly, aren’t too expensive and have a wonderful sense of accomplishment.  But how many coaster sets do we need?  Here’s another idea to use small adorable canvases… a baby mobile.

For this project, you’ll need 5-7 small needlepoint canvases (3-4″ wide is best).  They can be any theme: farm animals, safari, butterflies, letters, numbers, the child’s name, use your imagination.  In addition to the canvases and thread for them, you’ll also need some illustration board, fabric to back the canvases (unless you’re really ambitious and want to needlepoint both sides), ribbon, trim (I love chi-chi balls), and a 12″ embroidery hoop (you may want to spray paint this before you assemble the mobile).

Step 1: Stitch your needlepoint canvases.

Step 2: Cut out your canvases leaving about 1/2″ to 1″ allowance.  Cut out your fabric with an allowance too.  Cut out the illustration board the finished size of the canvas.  For example, if your stitched area is a 3″ circle, the needlepoint canvas and fabric will be at least a 4″ circle, but the illustration board will be a 3″ circle.  HINT:  get a circle cutter from your local art supply store.  Best investment ever!

Step 3: Fold the edges of your needlepoint canvas over and glue (you may need to notch corners for a clean edge).  Use a double-sided sheet adhesive to attach the illustration board to the fabric, wrap the excess fabric over the edge of the board.  Attach the fabric backing to the needlepoint.  Add trim.

Step 4: Attach hanging ribbons to the embroidery hoop.  Try to space them out as equally as possible so the hoop will hang level. 

You’re done.  What a lucky baby!  When the child has outgrown the mobile, simply remove the needlepoint elements, and turn the ribbons into ornament loops.  Or treasure the heirloom for the next generation to enjoy.

 Photos by Jade McCully.


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