Meet Andrea Gray

I’m sure all you blog followers have seen mention of Andrea Gray before.  This time the blog is all about this talented artist.  She is expanding her line of cross stitch kits and needlepoint canvases.  And now has branched out into event styling.  She is clever, has a great eye for style, and is the most organized person I know.  For everything Andrea, visit her blog.  .

Andrea Gray is a surface designer who incorporates embroidery, screen-printing, and digital techniques into her repeat pattern works.  A native of the Southeastern United States, Gray’s exposure to tropical plants and a lack of winter season garnished her love for the outdoors, plants, and bright colors.  In 2007, Gray received a BFA degree from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University in Textiles and Fashion.  Since then she has received her MFA in Fibers at SCAD, participated in various solo and group exhibitions and trade shows, won several awards, and received the Ben C. Morris travel scholarship to study abroad in Cambodia.  Gray has now used her talents to create kits, canvases, and patterns of her designs for others to enjoy.

Photos by Jade McCully.


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