Fun Things are in Store

Get it?  In store… in the store.  hee hee…  Just received a wonderful collection of pillows.  They have great designs, and a wonderful texture.  They are already made, and I do not have the patterns or canvases for these designs.  But you’ve been working hard and deserve a break.  I have canvases coming in later this fall for your stitching pleasure.

As September approaches, I know the holidays are just around the corner.  And with them, the holiday parties.  But have no fear.  French Knot is your hostess gift headquarters.  I’ve received some wonderful cocktail napkins and charming tea towels.  Your hostess will feel so lucky.

But maybe you’re this season’s hostess with the mostest.  Then you’ll have to have a festive apron to protect your party frock, with the coordinating towel of course.

This items are in limited quantities so hurry in for the best selection!  See you soon.




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