Tea Time

Local photographer, Izzy Hudgins, and I spent a lovely evening at the home of Lynn Combe admiring her extensive collection of antique china.  Lynn is the owner of Lilian’s China – Vintage Rentals. She rents fabulous vintage china for that eclectic mix-and-match place setting look.  We were immediately inspired.  Who wouldn’t be?  So with much pre-planning, and lots of breath holding (you’ll see the arch and understand), we put this shoot together with a couple other Savannah artisans.

The patterns we chose were some of the oldest and most valuable as well as some of the more kitschy patterns.  Just shows there are no rules when mixing your favorite things.  If you like them, it will work.

The birdcage headband and sash were created just for the shoot.  Satin and velvet ribbon make the sash pop.

Gorgeous flowers by Madame Chrysanthemum.

I had a little steampunk fun with the boutonniere.  Couldn’t resist the little gears.

The yellow teacup on the left is by far my favorite.  Delicate little gold feet, an iridescent finish, and textured bowl make it oh so special.

Photos by Izzy Hudgins Photography; Styling and Accessories by French Knot Weddings; China Rental by Lilian’s Cupboard; Flowers by Madame Chrysanthemum; Hair and Make-up by Loren Laney.


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